Friday, August 01, 2008

From the people who brought you planted gossip column items designed to insist that Hillary Duff is now an adult and therefore capable of being sexually objectified comes hastily reported news that Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick is quickly very straight because he was seen making out with an actual girl on the Lower East Side.

The Daily News reports:

The "Gossip Girl" guy was "seriously making out with some random chick" at Lit bar Wednesday night, says a spy. "When the two left together, Ed was leading her by the hand. He was moving quick, but he had time to wink at a hot brunette before slipping out."

This, of course, comes a day after it was reported that he and co-star Chase Crawford are dating. But my whole thing is, even though the entire thing is just eye rollingly predictable if they’d left it at him being seen with the first girl it might have worked. The “hot brunette” addition at the end made it ridiculous. Clearly, some intern at the PR firm wrote that and no one checked it.

Once I was working on a film where I was making props and I had to vandalise a sign by writing “Die Scum” on this “for sale” that was posted outside a house. So, I spray painted the letters on it and then I underlined the letters. You know, because I was really trying to emphasise something.

So, then this guy I was working with said “God, that looks insincere and middle class white person” which it really did when you thought about it. Completely lacking in sincerity and it was overdone.

The brunette part of that item was the spray painted underline. The rest is still stupid and predictable but still, they should have just quit when they were a bit ahead. [source]

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