Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christian Bale has been let off with a caution after he allegedly shoved his mother and sister in a hotel room after they asked him for 100,000 pounds. “He will have to admit guilt to get a caution when he answers bail next month," the newspaper said."Cops can still charge him if he refuses."

They sure can, but will they? I mean, he’s Batman. Commonwealth patriarchal culture like the kind that dominates in the UK where he was booked doesn’t like a showboater, particularly a male one, and seeing as he’s not one to consciously clamor for publicity – despite playing the main character of the most lucrative film in history - he’ll be fine. He was always going to be fine.

The mother and daughters, on the other hand, might consider putting shawls over their heads, wearing tattered folk dresses and carrying empty wooden bowls and then going to the head office of Hello Magazine to get the 100,000 pounds they need. I’m pretty sure Hello would pay well to photograph them sitting in cardboard boxes talking about how much they love their rich, Hollywood star son and brother. That way, they’d get the money they need anyway.

I’m actually pretty excited because I’m finally going to see The Dark Knight tonight. The IMAX tickets are completely sold out in New York until next week so I’m just going for regular screen size. That’s pretty disappointing really but you know, I’ll just suffer through it. [source]

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