Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TMZ reports that Katie Price and Peter Andre have arrived in the US to do whatever it is they do – I don’t know, buy things I guess – and also Katie Price is getting her breasts reduced from a 32F to a 32C. I don’t why on earth you'd come to the US to get that done - perhaps it's a whole lot cheaper here because of the weak US dollar. Actually, that'd be it. They would have figured that out and then decided they could turn the whole thing into more of a press spectacle.

ANYWAY – isn’t it interesting to really consider just how far and also how far into crap Peter Andre has actually gone since those days in the early 90s when he was in much better, less porcine shape and he was coming out with crap covers of songs and dancing about shirtless with his ridiculous mop hair. Why don’t we take a look at a little of that work right now:

Gosh, what a lovely dentist waiting room sax solo and what a clearly high budget music video. And you know, from looking at this – who would ever have known that he would be able to continue to eek out just enough of something to stay famous. Well, let’s be fair, it’s really his wife and her rack that keep it together for the two of them. So, that’s why it’s fascinating to see him finally turn up and actually be getting celebrity gossip press in the US on TMZ.

The whole thing is entirely improbable and yet, here we are. [source]

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