Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here’s Russell Brand, the man who has just scored the biggest boost of his career, with Britney Spears in the promos for the MTV VMA awards. Behind them is an elephant. Why? Because wow, guys, at MTV we’re just out of control whacky.

Anyway – Britney seems quite coherent in this little film. She’s still got the cackling psychotic laugh but she’s looking clean, washed, healthy and clear headed and that’s a good thing.

The weird thing about this is that Britney may well look good here and she might even pull off the VMAs but she’ll need a new angle now because no one will ever believe she’s an asexual, eternally happy, sparkling teenager again. They know she’s potentially completely insane, obsessive, that she menstruates in her stockings and that she’s got two kids. She’s essentially got “ticking time bomb appeal” now which is actually fascinating.

Where Paris Hilton, even if she makes scripted videos in response to John McCain where she has to balance out mainstream ditsy hotness with clever self awareness, will only ever be a b-grade nothing, Britney could be a genuinely fascinating and multi-dimensional artist if she grows up and balances out the darkness rather than denying it exists.

Eve did that to a certain extent. She used to be this hard assed rapper and now she’s a lady. She grew and changed and she’s artistically better for it.

This is the beginning of a new Britney Spears. Britney, the name, is too Valley Girl though. She needs to change her name to something like Vivienne. Vivienne Leigh was talented and sad so you don’t want the entire name. You just want the first name and then you’d go with something else for the last name. I’m not sure what. Maybe I’ll write a letter to her and we can discuss it. Actually, I think I should drop by. She’s probably nervous and I could talk her down.

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