Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fashion Week Daily is reporting that Brad Pitt was shooting photos of his entire flock of blessed offspring and bought children AND his highly marketable “partner in life”, Angelina Jolie at Chateau Miraval in the South of France last week for the November cover of W.

Talk about milking it for all you can get; Brad Pitt’s photographs of a fork would fetch mega bucks, let alone shots of his own family and that’s about all I had on this story. I mean, to be honest, it’s the kind of thing Interview Magazine should have done first but they’ve clearly failed. Maybe they didn’t have 15 million dollars to pay Brad Pitt and the children. Still, it will be nice to finally have some quality shots of their entire family to date so I don’t have to keep cutting out images and gluing them together for the altar I’ve set up in my apartment that has actually, as of yesterday, taken over the place where my bed was. I am now sleeping under the stairs with some kind of glowing eyed beast that gets quite angry if I stretch my legs all the way out. I’m pretty tall so I’m used to my height being a bit of a liability.

Anyway – the other Brangelina news - because the new Messianic Wonder Twins, Knox and Vivienne were born in France Brad and Angelina are entitled to a crap load of money from the French government in childcare money. According to Holy Moly, Brad and Angelina are entitled to 1300 pounds ($US2400 per month) because the kids were born in France.

Is that enough reason to get pregnant and then go to France to give birth? Yes it is.

Clearly though, the Patron Saints of Western Culture don’t need that money. If it were Donald Trump or Michael Lucas then yes, they would take it but Saints don’t need money. They have manna and quail and light energy and a font that pours forth pure Kombucha tea in their kitchen. The kitchen was built around that font but the font sprung up because Angelina Jolie walked across that ground so it’s still hallowed. [source]

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