Monday, August 11, 2008

With the exception of John Edwards admitting to the fact that he cheated on his wife Elizabeth Edwards in 2006 which creates a situation where it will be virtually impossible for him to gain his publicly recognized integrity back anytime soon – it’s a pretty slow news day at least as far as the gossip press is concerned.
How slow?

TMZ is reporting that Macaulay Culkin isn’t dead. Isn’t that great? Maybe there have been rumours flying about that he died, none of which were taken terribly seriously seeing I don’t remember hearing one and they evidently didn’t stick around for very long. So, quick, write it down and tell your friends. Dreadful former child actor isn’t dead. He’s also not working on anything. Oh but that’s ok, at least he’s not dead.

When I was at art school I got glandular fever and essentially took four weeks off. I don’t really remember how long I took off but still – I took a lot of time off. When I came back to school my friend Vanessa – who I had only just met then – came up and said, “I heard you’d died”. Clearly, I hadn’t. So, the other angle we can look at here is that I know what it feels like to have people think you’re dead. That’s why I’m qualified to comment here. I know what it’s like. [source]

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