Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This is the new Calvin Klein Secret Obsession ad with Eva Mendes that was more or less banned because she shows a slip of nip. Now the New York Post is reporting that TV Networks wouldn’t air it unless it was cleaned up a bit and, of course, the high maintenance scarf thrown over the shoulder, nose in the air ad people for CK are having a much deserved prima donna moment about it.

The Post reports:

The spot's creative director, Fabien Baron, angrily blamed President Bush for the censorship: "This country really needs a new president. This country is so messed up . . . I really can't believe this is happening."

I love how fashion people live in their own inane, self important world to such an extent that they immediately insist that if there’s a problem for them it’s a problem for the entire universe and it’s obviously a result of the highest level of Federal Government. Although, granted, the position of president is a symbolic one and it sets the tone for the rest of the country so there is that but it’s just so completely “Ad Exec/Fashion” to insist that any resistance to their arbitrary vision is a direct result of conscious blocking from the Executive Office of government. God, Fashion twats are annoying.

I don’t even hate fashion, I just invariably can’t stand the culture surrounding it. If you get one fashionista on their own they’ll act like a long suffering swan in a pit of tar; desperately and insecurely looking around for anyone to understand how difficult it is for them to even just breathe the same air as everyone else but then if you get them together they immediately start enabling each other to start believing all sorts of outrageous shit. They start giggling to each other and agreeing when one of the louder of the group will suggest that anyone fat should be killed and that kind of thing. Sort of like when you get stuck at a dinner with racist suburban people who start to let out their racist viewpoints but because no one is there to insist that they’re racist they start to feel all puffed up and self righteous about the fact that they think that Asian people all look the same or black people are all thieves or something. It’s always like “Look, I’m not racist but I just don’t feel comfortable around black people – I don’t think they’re attractive.”

Plus, let’s not pretend that getting banned isn’t the best thing that can happen to your product. God, just shut the hell up you fashion people. Shut it. [source]

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