Friday, August 22, 2008

MSNBC reports that no one is buying tickets to see All My Sons on Broadway – the production Katie Holmes is in with Diane Weist, Patrick Wilson and John Lithgow. This is the second report about how badly ticket sales have been since July when they were released to American Express card holders who proved indifferent.

I’m actually surprised at this to be honest. All My Sons is one of the great American plays of the 20th century and Arthur Miller is a true American icon. Diane Weist is a fundamentally talented actress, John Lithgow is hilarious, popular and marketable and Patrick Wilson is as hot as he is talented – I loved him in Angels in America and he was the only thing that kept be conscious during the travesty that was Barefoot in the Park on Broadway with the perpetually shouting, monotoned Amanda Peet. What a trooper.

I mean, even if you don’t care about Katie Holmes, there are still all these other great reasons so see a really great play. I mean, I would go for all those reasons but even if she was in a production of the exhausting and relentlessly exploited “Blood Wedding” by Lorca I’d still go to see it just to see how she does. I mean, it can’t be easy living with the Scientology zeitgeist freak but Holmes on stage is where it’s meant to even out. This is why they married in the first place. I mean, he got a beard and a link to the values of his primary demographic – namely, fat, average middle class suburban housewives and she got a career despite all likely outcomes.

If it doesn’t pay off here I wonder if she’ll start to lash out. Maybe there’ll be a little drinking and bad behaviour, maybe there’ll be a little straying from the script Cruise has written. Whatever happens, it might be interesting to watch Katie Holmes in the coming weeks – the subservient wife routine might just start to crack. She’s not a weakling – she got in there and cinched the deal. There’s nothing innocent and lovable about Holmes. She knew she was destined for nothing so she went for the brass ring and grabbed on. Bitch is an omnivorous cannibal underneath it all and I’m hanging for her outbursts to initiate Tom Cruise’s desperately needed breakdown. [source]

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