Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OK! Magazine has the first interview with Britney Spears since the last one they tried to do two years ago when she let her dog shit all over a really expensive gown. I remember the last line of it was something like “Britney, when you are ready to talk…we are ready to listen.” Because that’s what gossip magazines are – they’re therapist parent best friends.

The online preview is pretty innocuous; she talks about how she loves her kids unconditionally but would like to see them not enter showbiz and also about how she’s writing a lot of music and her next album is likely to be more urban sounding. Whatever that means.

Urban, I guess, probably just means more hip hop.

The whole interview comes out tomorrow when the magazine hits stores and I for one, am on the verge of crying blood over how anxious I am to see if she ever addresses the topic of the mental illness she experiences. She really needs to as MTV rather suspiciously left her serial killer laugh in the promos she did for the VMAs. The hidden black demon in her is now part of her appeal. It’s too late to backtrack. [source]

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