Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Justin Timberlake has been quoted as saying:

“It’s painful for me to either watch or listen to myself. But even when you’re not fully satisfied with the outcome, that’s what makes you hungry. But there is gratification in the fact that you a. make people smile, b. make people dance, c. make people laugh or d. make people make babies.”
So, what he’ll have us believe after all the cocky, smug, self satisfied egotist shit he’s done, is that deep down he’s just like everyone else.
I mean, ok – wait. He’s pretty talented and he IS essentially sexy - although with Justin Timberlake I always feel like I’m waiting for him to be slightly hotter; I think it’s something about his hair – so I’m not being a complete hater. He’s just always this high pitched, high energy, eternally perky kid and for some reason it shits me.
Whatever. Part of that might be that I just ate a small bag of mini gummi bears and the sugar crash is making me feel annoyed at Justin Timberlake. That’s what usually happens. I should have known this was what was up when I book marked that story to blog about. Curse you cheap, corn syrup based American gummi bears.
So, in short – Justin Timberlake is insecure like everyone else, he’s human and therefore not SO much of a douche bag so now we can officially enjoy him more and also eat at his restaurant. [source]

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