Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Philip Noyce is directing Edwin A Salt, an espionage thriller and Tom Cruise was attached to the project. Now, just after giving birth to her Messianic Wonder Twins, Angelina Jolie is being written in and Tom Cruise is being written out.

Isn’t that interesting? The project is so completely malleable like that that you can just change it from one male star to a female one and really, it’s still more or less the same project. What a fascinatingly concrete concept it must be.

What’s interesting about this is that it’s yet another film where a freakishly hot Angelina Jolie carries a massive gun, maintains flawless physical femininity as described by a 15 year old computer geek from Middle America and says genius, deadpan one liners that make her seem like she’s got the soul of a hardened dominatrix – at least at night while she’s out racing around the city in stilettos and shining latex miniskirts while never losing her breath. In the morning of course, she’s just a stylish brain surgeon or computer analyst who wears glasses. Gosh, sign me up. I’m so excited to see this complete character stretch for the patron saint of Western Culture.

I would be fascinated to see who would win in a boxing match; Madonna or Angelina Jolie. I think in terms of brawn Madonna would kick Jolie's ass but then, Jolie is part jaguar and part mirage so she's got conceptual tricks that would FOOL Madonna. It'd really be a fascinating match to watch.

And you know, maybe Angelina Jolie will get her co-stars to accidentally announce Brad Pitt’s vasectomy during the movie’s press interviews. I hope so. I wonder if Angelina Jolie gets upset that she has to keep coming back to her bread and butter roles. No one really cared about the film she did where she played the journalist with 80s hair and someone’s got to pay for that ridiculous chateau lease. [source]

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