Friday, August 15, 2008

US Weekly Magazine reports that Britney Spears is up against the Jonas Brothers for Music Video of the Year at the VMAs. Won’t this be interesting? Here you have the before and the after shot up against each other.

The Jonas Brothers are the fake virgin, clean cut, sweet, Christian brothers who sing to teenaged girls and Britney is a living example of what happens to you if you force yourself to be a fake virgin, clean cut, sweet Christian pop star and then have a breakdown and come through the other side.

I’m such a predictable gay male. All I can think of is three smiling, clear faced brothers coming out on stage, nervous as hell but forcing a smile and not letting their real emotional state obvious and on the other side, a film noir Britney Spears in black and white standing there looking at them with one doe-eyed eyebrow slightly cocked, peering out from under the brim of a dark fedora. She throws her cigarette on the ground, unflinching, walks over to the boys who are sweating but still dressed in boy band finery and are waving happily to their screeching fans. Britney takes a breath and breathes fire all over the boys and their charred remains crumble to dust. She kicks over a brittle rib cage and walks off with the award, picks up her kids and gets in a limo that drives off into the sunset.

But, seriously though, this is an interesting competition. It will tell a lot about whether America still values the fake, sexually bipolar take on pop culture it insists on or whether it is heralding Britney as an evolved diva. Especially seeing as Britney screwed it up like nothing else last time she turned up. This is her triumphant semi-return. She may as well be Liza Minnelli or Courtney Love now. [source]

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