Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yesterday, Paris Hilton came out with a short film response to being used by the John MCain presidential campaign and she actually came across as self aware and likeable – not just generic and ditsy so people aren’t threatened by her and will buy her shit. I posted about it here.
I actually think it was the most agreeable thing she’s ever done and today TMZ are reporting that she’s actually back to her 2006 level of popularity as far as public opinion goes. She was, according to TMZ, mobbed in Sweden.

There are polls on this kind of thing.

Anyway, considering that her appeal was always based on her mystique and her ability to shamelessly embody everything Americans love – thinness, blondness, tannedness, richness and irresponsibility…ness and then considering that all that was thwarted when she came out of jail and actually spoke about her time in jail and it came across as fake and manipulative – climbing back after that is a real kink in the works. I mean, she was supposed to fade away to, at best, a career that looks like the career trajectory of Joan Collins.

Now, she has injected herself with a touch of essentially convincing self awareness so who knows what that makes her. Maybe a cheap, uninteresting version of Patty Hearst. Oh God, let’s not go too far. She has taken a step in the right direction though. All she needs to do now is step outside this door and ..oh, too bad.

I just ate Korean and now I feel all weird and tired. [source]

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