Wednesday, August 06, 2008

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Ok, so following the use of Paris Hilton in a John McCain endorsed ad where the McCain camp characterized Barack Obama as the political equivalent of fading zeitgeist Paris Hilton, Hilton herself shot back with a film of her own. I mean, sort of. She didn’t really – it was clearly the brainchild of the people at Funny or Die but she went along with it and that’s all that counts.

I actually think this is the first genuinely interesting thing she’s ever done and I don’t just say that because she’s laughing at herself which could be considered evidence that she knows her limitations and is therefore a self aware adult and I also don’t say that because she’s saying smart things other people have told her to so she looks smart. I actually think she’s been aware of how she resonates in America as a cultural object for years. This is interesting because it’s such a clearly considered response to something rather tricky. She couldn’t really damn McCain, she couldn’t align herself with Obama. If she did either she’d have to talk further about it and she’d look ridiculous. Plus, she’d probably fall asleep because the discussion wouldn’t be about her.

No, this film is perfect for her because it keeps the focus on her without letting herself be pissed all over. I barely care about Paris at all because she’s actually inherently dull but I am ok with this gesture from her. I also sort of have a hangover because I drank three glasses of shitty white wine at the opening of the new Galapagos Space last night and maybe my defenses are wilted so some of the shit got through. Who knows? I’m already too damned tired.

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