Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tim Gunn, of Project Runway fame, said this to People Magazine about Katie Holmes:

“I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so much more sophisticated in so many ways, but I think she’s in a dip right now. I can’t explain it.”

He’s referring to the jeans she’s been wearing to rehearsals for All My Sons, the play no one apparently wants to see. She’s been rolling them up at the bottom the way the kids would do back in the early 90s – incidentally, around the time she was emerging as a teenaged star on Dawson’s Outrageously Infuriating Creek.

SO – as a result – I’m not sure what isn’t clear to Tim Gunn about this. He’s right about her being in a dip, absolutely. She’s in a dip for two reasons and they flow on from one to the next. One, as discussed, her contractual agreement with Tom Cruise is perhaps not paying off as she would have hoped with news that no one is buying tickets to All My Sons despite stellar casting and the fact that it’s an all-time great American play. Plus, nothing else that she’s done has really gone anywhere including the decision to not be in The Dark Knight for whatever bullshit reason Tom Cruise came up with. I mean, she wasn’t gold in Batman Begins but still, she didn’t do it and consequently, she isn’t in the highest grossing film of all time. There’s no arguing with that kind of thing.

I suspect that what she’s now doing is regressing back to the point where she was both full of promise and not married to Tom Cruise. She’s doing that by rolling her pants up as though she were a posing teenager trying to fit in at a Californian high school. She is expressing her fear and frustration through pant gesture. Many have done that before her too; I mean, think about M C Hammer. I mean, his ridiculous pants were less about expressing pain and more about inflicting in visually but it’s still an example of pant based expression.

Pants are the only way Katie Holmes can show her true feelings. Everything else can be tracked and hacked into by Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes is really coming towards breaking point. She is either going to need a hit and some individual recognition or she’ll start acting out. I sort of want the acting out part because it’s more amusing for me. [source]

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