Friday, August 22, 2008

The UK’s Mirror has reported that Mel C from the Spice Girls is pregnant with child (funny, I always thought she was a lesbian…must have been the chav tracksuit she always wore) which means that basically there is an entire class room of children about to be born or that have been born to some of the biggest stars in the world all at the same time.

I would probably ordinarily argue that having kids is a great little earner when it comes to publicity anyway but the number of celebrities that are having kids right now is far too high for that to be the case. As was the case with previous fads, there’s really only a certain number of people who can glom on trends like this before it becomes trite. Rehab, religion, fish based exfoliation, surgery, implied bisexuality, celebrity death/suicide/attempted suicide/contemplated suicide, mental illness; it’s all the same. Mind you, I suppose that all of those are deemed essentially negative so it’s like negative attention and scandal and that only works for a bit. You can only ride the hype of negativity for so long before people get bored of feeling superior to you.

I guess with a kid, there’s the vicarious mothering that magazine buying women can experience, there’s the fact that the kid grows up and changes so there’s always a story – right up to the point where the kid goes into rehab/gets a part in a soap. Yeah, alright – so, a kid’s a good idea.

Plenty of people are getting knocked up or squirting out/having kids removed so I guess everyone’s in search of a little longevity and a new good idea. I know I certainly am. I doubt I’d get a child though. I have nephews and nieces for that and they live on the other side of the world which is fine. That way, I can swan in, collect the press and then swan out again. [source]

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