Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wow, looks like Mary-Kate isn’t the only Olsen twin who is fascinating and off the wall – the New York Post reports that Ashley went out for dinner and made out with her boyfriend Justin Barta the whole night. They ate at Serafina on East 61st Street apparently and while there were other people at the table, the two of them just made out. They made out ANYWAY!

I mean, SHIT! Can you imagine?

Mary-Kate has been getting a little exposure recently because she’s been acting, getting sued and avoiding the FBI for potentially facilitating Heath Ledger’s overdose so it’s only natural that Ashley would need to see if she can even out the coverage. After all, people want to know what BOTH of them are doing and I think this indepth, fascinating little tidbit evens it out.

Last week I was wondering what was really going on inside that monkey-like head of Mary-Kate as she charged around LA and New York City drumming up a storm of controversy and stimulating art. This week, Ashley is doing the same thing and I can’t help wondering what she fucking ordered at the restaurant. I really can’t. I have a lot of things to think about anyway and this report just ADDS to the list. No wonder I’m so tired. No wonder I’m so tired and always so hungry. [source]

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