Monday, October 01, 2007

There’s a rumour that Eva Longoria and husband Tony Parker made a sex tape together and that it’s floating around the internet.

I have Limewire, so I did a check to see if I could find it anywhere and I can’t. This is sort of what happened when there were rumours of a sex tape between Paris Hilton and Nick Carter. There probably was no sex tape because it really wasn’t showing up anywhere. I mean, how hard is it to find?

The only thing I could find was a file entitled “Paris Hilton Nick Carter Sex Tape” made by a bunch of GENIUS radio shock jock announcers so that when you downloaded the file and played it these two wannabe Howard Stern morons just sat there saying, “Hey - sorry, no Paris Hilton and Nick Carter here but you can listen to suburban LA’s number one community breakfast radio show by tuning in to blah blah blah.” Which, of course, thanks to that ad I’ve now been doing religiously ever since. What utter shite.

The question here really is, why is Eva Longoria after this level of publicity right now? I guess it makes sense, seeing as she’s not been out that much or in the media recently and maybe she started to forget she exists. Wouldn’t she just turn up to an event or two in a sparkling gown rather than start a rumour that there’s a film of her and her husband having sex? Why do celebrities make these tapes anyway other than to have them leaked? Don’t they get enough of themselves through work? Oh, that’s right. No, they never do because too much is never enough.

Hardcore sex in the mainstream arena is pretty cool and edgy and has been for a while so any reference to it is going to push your Q score up. Unless you're a teenaged girl in which case it could ruin you. [source]

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