Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It’s all running according to the formula today really, isn’t it? After yesterday’s borderline needless Page Six coverage of Nicole Ritchie apparently smoking in New York, Ritchie’s publicist has shockingly released a statement saying that not only was Ritchie not smoking, she was not even in New York at the time she was meant to be smoking while pregnant.

All I can say is, how convenient for Nicole Ritchie. There’s nothing like the perfect escape from an accusation that could go either way and relies on public opinion to ascertain whether it actually happened.

The blog “I’m Not Obsessed” is quoted as saying:

Thank goodness! I didn’t think those rumors were true. It truly does seem like Nicole has really changed for the better with this pregnancy.

Look, no disrespect at all but what the hell?. The other day INO wrote, in response to the idea that David Beckham was homesick and was potentially going to leave LA:

I hope David starts feeling more at home here, I would be so sad if he left!

What the fuck?

You know what though? Maybe INO is just the polar opposite of this one. Ok, that’s fine. Yin and Yang. Pop Sugar is like that too. All happy and saccharine, corn syrup, prozac goodness. Just like Perez when it comes to Paris Hilton.

Meanwhile, none of this makes Ritchie any more palateable or gives her an actual point. That kid in her is going to be ruined by the time it’s about 5. Yes, at 5 it will be slutting it up like the kid on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. God, there’s a totally pointless show. That entire show exists because of Kim Kardashian’s ass. Does she exist? I mean, it’s not entirely unlikely that they just strapped an easily animated corpse onto the back of a particularly pert set of isolated buttocks that were walking in a field near Hollywood. Ryan Seacrest is a real genius like that. REally out there for the enrichment of humanity. [source]

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