Thursday, October 04, 2007

In Touch magazine was meant to run a story on how Angelina Jolie might be pregnant but when they saw shots of how utterly emaciated her stomach really is, they simply bought those shots, hid them away and then cropped the ones they did have to include only her chest.

"The most striking area of Angelina's weight gain is in her chest, which is why we focused on that area," said In Touch.

Weight gain in her chest? Chest? What the hell kind of crap is “weight gain in her chest”? Chest weight gain is either implants or puberty. You don’t suddenly put on a fat belt of lard under your arms and nowhere else.

Still, when you’ve failed like In Touch have and you’ve been caught out there’s really no rational sounding way to get out of looking like you’re a White House Press Secretary covering up for Alberto Gonzales. So sincere props to In Touch for the “weight gain in her chest” angle. Not only is isolated chest weight gain an extremely common and normal thing to point out but it’s also quite impressive that the magazine spokespeople could actually say that that was their editorial aim without crying at the loss of their last shreds of sincere dignity.

The other thing here is, if In Touch is ready and willing, with their finger on the button, to publish information that is misleading here, then where else have they done it in the past? My entire notion of good and evil is completely skewed now. Completely. [source]

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