Monday, October 08, 2007

Say what you want about the Post. After all that towing the party line and reporting the Murdoch/Bush propaganda not to mention their maddeningly exploitative headlines, they regularly come through in the end with some quality, healthy imagery at the end of the day.
Take today’s story about Christopher Hitchens’ series about self improvement for Vanity Fair.

The Post reports:

Hitchens, who's writing a three-part series in Vanity Fair on self-improvement, visited the J Sisters on Friday for a full male Brazilian bikini wax, which his editor-in-chief Graydon Carter gleefully described four months ago as "the back, the crack and the sack."

Isn’t that enchanting? The image of the sow-reminiscent, chain smoking author whose sweat is probably alcoholic lying on a table naked getting a full Brazillian wax is not just appetizing, it’s a gift to us, the reader. The gentle, unassuming reader who is now scarred. We are no longer as gentle as we, perhaps, once were because it’s this kind of imagery that can harden a person’s soul. Plus, the Post also got in a bit about how Hitchens is still going to hell for criticizing Mother Theresa.

So, basically, what we ascertain from this is that Hitchens is a chain smoking, alcoholic, fully waxed Catholic hater. It would be hard to actually find a more suitable guest for an intimate dinner with the Queen I think. Oh, I kid. I love Hitchens. No one talks enough about how he used to date Anna Wintour. He also taught me how to be an atheist.[source]

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