Tuesday, October 02, 2007

After being ordered to give her kids to K-Fed, Britney went out and got crap fast food, dropped Sean Preston and Jayden James off two days early, visited a tanning salon and hung out at a hotel where she apparently laughed at a fight that broke out between two paparazzi photographers.

It’s also rumoured that she’s a frequent and habitual user of crystal meth but that would tear her apart in a visible, physical way pretty quickly so I’m not SO sure about that. At the same time, it’s highly unlikely that practically everyone in her industry hasn’t had cocaine at some point. Music producer types are sort of on par with advertising executives and Wall Street finance professionals; they’re all essentially cannibals on some level. What a calming thought.
Britney is actually just a megalomaniac, control freak narcissist. She likes the idea of the big picture scenario but when it comes to day to day maintenance of things like the children and her weight and her career and health and everything else, she simply fails without a staff of people surrounding her to essentially do it all for her. She’s been a product all her life so suddenly being required to understand and act as though she’s a human is totally unreasonable. Chris Crocker was entirely incorrect. Britney Spears is, in fact, not a human. She’s a rattling shell that has foregone basic humanity traits so she can be adored by millions and so she can rake in 750,000 a month. The equation is haywire right now and so everything is in chaos. [source]

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