Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Like we couldn’t see this pearl of a story coming a mile off – the New York Post reports on a Vanity Faire article that claims that Lou Pearlman, the creator of the Backstreet Boys and several other squeaky clean musical collective products that have graced the cultural sphere over the past 20 years is not just an alleged financial fraud, he’s an alleged pederast as well.

This isn’t to say that all musical producers are pederasts but let’s just map it out slightly and see what it looks like from above.

Here you have a massively, almost freakishly overweight man whose career is focused almost exclusively on commodifying the sex appeal of young teenaged boys. It’s not a surprise that underneath his constant professional focus there lurked a personal interest in the subject. That’s why it was his career. It’s why necrophiliacs like working in morgues. Again, not all people who work in morgues are necrophiliacs, just the necrophiliacs that work there are and it makes sense that they would want to. The part about Lou Pearlman being maddeningly fat is admittedly irrelevant but sometimes it’s good to point out fat. He could have been thin and equally as hateful. I think we’re all comfortable with that.

Obviously, it’s difficult and unfair to judge someone while they’re on the ground, squealing and writhing having been pried out of their hiding place in Indonesia but it seems to be the American way. But also, I mean, hi – if you’re a pederast why on EARTH go to South East Asia? That’s the first place they ALL go. Indonesia. Wouldn’t you go to Shanghai or Russia and just get some weird underground apartment and not be found? Sure the weather’s a little harsher in both those places but so it public ridicule like the press this post is based on.

Still, it’s good he was caught and also, it’s interesting that Nick Carter’s family was almost torn apart by something that happened between Lou Pearlman and Carter and yet, everything continues as normal on the surface. How good of them not to sully the sparkling veneer of the Backstreet Boys with dark tales of destroyed childhood innocence. Good old destroyed innocence. [source]

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Anonymous said...

If and I say IF, because we at this point have only the suggestion that something happened from a possibly disgruntled, jeolous "never made it big" BSB, and a HATEFUL, bitter mother estranged from her son. A mother that if she were all that concerned about an alleged abuse of Nick continued to allow her SECOND son Aaron to be managed by Perlman! Does that not seem odd, or even sick, or even illegal?

Certainly Carter's later life choices could be explained by the betrayal of trust that occured early in his life from not just Perlman, but a mother that ALLOWED such an abuse to occur and then without his permission to trumpet it to the world. Victims of crime are given identity protection in court for a reason-Nick has not been given that right here. He is presently in therapy-he admits that. Disclosure of ANYTHING should be at HIS timing-not forced because some hot shot "journalist" sees it as his duty to cover sordid "truths".