Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Great, so Page Six is reporting - again – on details that have to do with the Sex and the City Movie – reporting this time that it’s pretty much confirmed that Big and Carrie get married. I don’t get the point of filming a movie if you’re going to allow daily leaks of the plot to appear in widely read gossip rags. Why let that information out? Why not make it a closed set? Kill anyone who leaks anything? That kid in the Indiana Jones movie got filleted and ex-communicated from Western culture for leaking info about the plot of the latest movie; why not follow Spielberg’s lead? Why not actually do anything at all because so far, the approach to keeping plot details under wraps has been pretty damned ambivalent.

That show wasn’t ever REALLY about the plot anyway, it was more about shoes, barely acceptable one liners from Kim Cattrall, New York landmarks, women feigning emotional stability in order to land partners while being completely and inhumanly obsessed with social status. In a sense us knowing the details of an arbitrarily linear plot isn’t really going to ruin it but it still makes no sense that the publicist hasn’t been fired yet. [source]

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