Friday, October 05, 2007

The official music video for Britney’s groundbreaking and vastly successful comeback piece, “Gimme More” is up on youtube and you can also buy it through iTunes if the quality isn’t good enough for you on youtube. Not sure what the difference is seeing as I didn’t pay to see it on iTunes but even though the youtube one looks like some 19 year old taped it with their camera phone, it’s got this kind of graciously abstract quality that masks the back fat of potato face quite well.
Oh, that’s mean. She’s actually never really going to be THAT fat. She’s built to be slim. Sure the face is always round (she has pig face) but even after making foie gras out of her liver through the seemingly endless sorjournes to Carl’s Jr, she’s still more or less the right shape.
Plus, take a close look at the video and you’ll note that there are two Britneys in it – one in blonde and the other in some kind of stringy black. One can only assume that these are meant to represent the light and dark sides of Ms Spears but the interesting thing about them is that both are played by Britney herself. That’s right, I didn’t realize at first either. Her excellent choice and experience in wigs has done her a great service. Thank goodness she shaved her head back whenever the hell it was.

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