Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I just got an e mail from Bryan, the publicist at Lucas Entertainment, Michael Lucas’ New York porn company, saying that Michael Lucas was found dead in his apartment last night. Knowing how brazenly Ann Coulter-ish Michael Lucas is I’m not convinced that it’s not a PR stunt. I’ve asked Bryan if it’s a PR stunt. No response yet. Here's the photo. It's so melodramatic.

Thankfully, they included the company logo, just in case you forgot...

In the meantime, it must be “photos of dead people” day because the genius blog, “What Would Tyler Durden Do” just posted this calming and elegant shot of Anna Nicole Smith.

Apparently it was taken AFTER she died so you’ve got the vomit AND you’ve got the added intellectual impact of knowing that it’s a dead body. She’s actually got quite a nice tan in that shot and the thin pink strands that go through her pigtails are quite playful, as WWTDD points out. Not quite sure what she had for lunch there though, just from looking at the vomit itself. Sadly, there’s no publicist we can ask to clarify. Oops! Hope you weren’t eating lunch! [source] [source]

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