Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Despite the fact that more or less every facet of her life has been aggressively dismantled by Britney Spears herself, except of course for her seemingly endless source of cash and the fact that she now has a license (excellent work, tick that off the “things to do” list), her single Gimme More is at number 3 on the billboard charts. See now, this is the kind of thing that keeps the dear girl moving.

It’s not a surprise that this is the case – no doubt an army of producers worked long into the night scraping away and filling in the blanks of whatever actual recording Britney managed to get through in the months where she was going into the studio to record. What they churned out is more or less the same as all the other work; it’s clean, audibly addictive pop that has been crafted to ensure maximum impact. Nothing Britney does with the help of producers and publicists really sucks, it can’t suck, it’s a highly refined product.

If ever there was an indication that there’s a disconnect between the product and the artist where Britney is concerned then this is it. She’s never really had THAT much to do with her stuff anyway, so a pending complete mental breakdown probably won’t get in the way. This could be the biggest and best re-enactment of “Weekend at Bernies” since Boris Yelsin or possible Fidel Castro – we can apparently never be sure about Castro.

Hell, Britney could probably release a couple of albums even after she inevitably overdoses and goes into a coma. Why not? They could just doctor up the sound of her quiet hospital room breathing and make it into an anthem of survival with plenty of bass in a minor key. Works for me. I really identify. [source]

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