Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And here’s something else that isn’t that surprising: Bill O’Reilly sent a camera man to one of Rosie O’Donnell’s book signings and ambushed her, asking questions about her opinions on the causes of 9/11 and he edited the footage and then surrounded it with editorialized comment making her out to be uncooperative and reckless.

The pairing of Rosie with Bill O’Reilly actually makes a lot of showbiz sense. Even, inexplicably, more sense that Rosie and Donald Trump – primarily because why the hell is a real estate omnivore speaking in public anyway? Rosie and Bill make a great screaming couple. She’s able to really relax into her zen, feminine angle and he can be an entitled, bombastic male. It’s almost as perfect as Brad and Angelina.
Obviously not AS perfect as Brad and Angelina. Nothing is as perfect as them…

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