Monday, October 29, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Upwardly mobile and really hip happening cool cat Christians have decided it’s a good idea to start having church services in a pub in Melbourne Australia. Isn’t that great? I mean, Christian evangelism itself is always really calming and enjoyable but when you mix it with a good solid dose of Australian larrikinism you really are onto a winner. What could be more enjoyable, really, than sitting in a rank smelling bar at 11am next to some rancid old alcoholic asshole who is either crying or semi-conscious (who can hold their breath long enough to really find out for sure?) while you listen to some tragically over styled minister tell you in colloquial English about how Jesus was a “cool dude who would definitely have enjoyed a beer and a surf”. With that kind of crazy, off the wall approach anything is possible. I mean, the mere fact that I was able to use the word “cool” in a sentence with the word “Jesus” has alone shaken my atheism in its boots. Clearly, this is my high school nightmare revisiting me. Shit, everything’s come tumbling down. [source]

Former Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has just released an album of love ballads entitled My Longing for You. Apparently he wrote the songs himself AFTER he was elected president. In many ways, it’s pretty reasonable here to see that the presidency was for Mr Yudhoyono the cultural equivalent of appearing on a reality show like “the Surreal Life” in the US is for a washed up celebrity; there’s an ultimate goal of kickstarting something else with it. I, for one, am so glad that this is where he ended up. If former Attorney General John Ashcroft has taught us nothing else it’s that the unchecked ego of a high ranking public official more often than not makes totally amazing performance art. Sing away Mr. President, sing away. Preferably live and at an awards ceremony as well. Yeah. That’d be great. Wearing feathers. [source]

Georgian athlete Lasha Pataraia, 27 recently pulled a helicopter that weighed close to 8 metric tons with his ear and while he’s not the strongest man on earth, he feels he has the strongest ears. The Guinness Book of Records people were not in attendance so, at the end of the day it’s all heresay but people where there to witness it including media. "It was very difficult, I was very nervous. But I hope in the future with both my ears to move a subject twice as heavy as this one," Pataraia told Reuters Television. Yes, and he’s not the only one. Hope is restored to the weary through feats like this. Incidentally, what a quality freaking week to get back into blogging. There’s the top notch dumb ass Christian story, the enticing president cum crooner story and of course there’s a world record story. All in one day. [source]

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