Monday, October 01, 2007

Even though a rational, analytical view of anything would include the understanding that there are always a variety of possible outcomes to every scenario, Britney Spears apparently avoids that realistic inevitability by constantly and exclusively barreling down the worst possible outcome path – seemingly on an hourly basis. Anyone else would have had the breakdown and moved to obscurity to evolve out of the public glare but that’s not happened yet and I honestly can’t figure out why. There are reports that she calls the paparazzi to find out where they’ll be so she can arrive and get more press because she’s afraid of becoming irrelevant but that’s not surprising nor does it actually address how she is not actually a quivering freak in the corner who is hallucinating and needs to be put in a straight jacket.

This time, after she was booked for a hit and run and driving without a license, it was actually ascertained that not only did she not have a license that day, but she’s never actually had a California driver’s license at all which is illegal.
If Britney could sincerely transcend this little period of unpleasantness she’ll have more gay diva points than Kylie Minogue and Kylie is what, like 40?
Kevin Federline’s lawyer Mark Kaplan is back in court today hammering it out so that the Fed Ex gets the kids but it’s almost a waste of money. Surely the hundreds of thousands of dollars being racked up in legal fees are unnecessary when all K-Fed has to do in court is indicate in Spears’ general direction and say, “The defense rests” or whatever the hell you say when you’re done arguing.
Why is this still going on? How has Britney managed to keep operating under such massive consistent and internationally overwhelming levels of public humiliation? There are two options: one, she’s a super powerful weapon of a woman who should be studied and learnt from or two, she is heavily heavily medicated and she’s got so much money that she can keep plodding onward without actually feeling any real repercussion. Which could it be? Hmmm. [source] [source]

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