Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Again, sorry about the lack of pics; it's this computer I'm on in San Francisco.

Lohan's cleansing the horror right out of her hair with a predictable sojourn in Africa.

Lohan is back, she's talking to her father and she's also got a mission that is going to clear her record in the public eye: she's going to make a humanitarian visit to Africa in December. Infusing yourself with depth by visiting Africa or some other place where there isn't definitely going to be premium cable is absolutely the best way to show that a celebrity is not just a mindless, drunken addict clotheshorse who manages to churn out a few songs/movies/ass shots despite themselves. I mean, that was pretty much confirmed when ex-zeitgeist, future desperate ironic diva (if she ever figures out what irony is) Hilton leaped on the Brangelina bandwagon and ran with it by saying she was going to Rwanda. So, now all we need is a little trip to say, leukemia riddled Eastern Europe, yeah, no one's been there in a while, from the Spears-meister and we'll have the trifecta again. A slightly hobbled trifecta but the girls'll be back. Who am I kidding, Britney is one klunk on the head away from galloping around a paddock in jodhpurs thinking she's a horse. [source]

Britney's album to be released early. Only because it's a hair trigger of marketability though...

Actually, maybe Britney doesn't need to go on a cleansing trip to a torn out nation. People apparently want her album so badly that it's going to be released ahead of schedule on October 29 rather than Nov 12. I don't think this is about popularity though. This is a delicate situation because the public are still endeared to her but the child custody thing and the way she was so indifferent to giving up her kids doesn't really resonate well with anyone so perhaps time is running out. The relentless drinking and flopping around without underwear on seems to invoke sympathy and concern from everyone but maybe Britney's marketability really is going to be whittled away after a while; the kids were the clincher. THAT'S why they releasing the album; there's freak value in it right now but one more kid dropping incident and the public might turn. God, the public are weird. [source]

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