Monday, October 27, 2008

And while we’re talking about the pure rancidity of the New York Post, here’s a gorgeous item about going through celebrity garbage on the streets in Greenwich Village.

Apparently, some freak has been going through the garbage of Mary Louise Parker and they found a prescription and some other things. The opening line says it best:

CELEBRITIES who live in Greenwich Village may want to run out and buy paper shredders. Their garbage is being sifted through by creepy trash-trollers who want to bare their secrets.

How creepy indeed. Why, it’s downright intrusive and intolerable! Then the Post goes on to report as many of the secrets found by the garbage sifter as they can fit into one item including mention of a prescription held by Mary Louise Parker.

They also detail that she lives in a building near Washington Square Park in case you wanted to narrow it down and perhaps attend to her garbage yourself, and when Parker’s rep wouldn’t comment on the prescription, they went to various other unnamed sources who provided speculation over what the medication could be for. Thank GOD.

And that’s the appeal of the New York Post. It gives pro-American readers outrage and hypocritical creepy vicarious living at once. How fulfilling. [source]

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