Monday, October 06, 2008

Here’s a video of the latest Sarah Palin sketch by Tina Fey and what makes it remarkable isn’t even the fact that the impressions are so realistic. It’s actually the fact that the writers don’t even have to deviate from the script of what really was said in the first place. Ratings reports suggest that more viewers have been tuning in to see Tina Fey than have been tuning in in years. That’s essentially because since many of the cast members from Fey’s era have left, the quality of the show has declined. It’s a delicate science. Still, election time is historically good for SNL. Dana Carvey’s impression of George HW Bush was as impacting the last election he ran in as any official campaign component. Same deal with Tina Fey and Sarah Palin.

I will say this though, while Andy Samberg is unfathomably cute, he’s not funny except for this sketch where he plays Mark Wahlberg. Admittedly, there’s no actual narrative to the sketch and also no inherent point but at least we know that Andy Samberg can actually do something besides completely suck and rely on his hair as a gimmick. I mean, his impression is genuinely accurate and he keeps it up the entire time. Good for him.

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Pete PHILLP said...

The mark whalberg sketch was fantastic!! nice website im one of your biggest fans i even liked the so called crappy christmas album you did...some of your finest work!! keep it up!!