Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Rumours are still floating about the Barack Obama may appear on SNL on the weekend prior to the election. This time round it seems like maybe that could be a good idea. I mean, the effect that something like that has entirely ephemeral and meaningless in terms of what it indicates about a candidate but if Obama appears 3 days before the nation goes to the polls then that glowing tingling warmth that it will create could carry over to whatever people carry to the voting booths.

That’s the kind of nation this is. If Obama were to make everyone laugh and appear in front of a shining light that made him look like he had a halo then people would probably vote for him. The effect would only last for a few days at the most though. It might be better if they run it on the Sunday instead. Or maybe even the Monday. I wonder if SNL could, just for that week, be called “MNL” and be run the night before. Just to hit the America in the jugular.

Sarah Palin’s appearance just showed she was ok with being made fun of which is fine and helpful but ultimately it seems to pander to this fairly simplistic persona that she is hammering out. It’s almost satirical the extent to which she aggressively insists she is just like regular people and how much she values and respects small town, average people. There’s very little else to her besides snide, aggressive comments that pander to small town prejudices. So, she can laugh at herself. Great. Where’s the point?

I still don’t think Obama could trump the Palin appearance on SNL but if he must do it then a few days before election day is a good idea. Nothing earlier. [source]

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