Friday, October 03, 2008

Page Six reports that Anthony Bourdain described his ideal dinner party as being like this:

Chef Marco Pierre White and Keith Richards would be throwing something on the barbie in a back yard in Red Hook. Louise Brooks, the silent film actress, would be there, along with Ava Gardner, Orson Welles, [British spy] Kim Philby and the CIA director of counterintelligence.

There’s no real reason for this item to have been placed in today’s paper except that it’s a preview of whatever larger interview with him is about to appear in the Page Six magazine which I know everyone is going to be RUNNING out to buy.

That said, he’s surprisingly interesting. Louise Brooks? Who would have considered that the inspiration for Liza Minnelli’s personality to be on the dinner party invite wish list of a self indulgent loud mouthed tool like Anthony Bourdain?

I read his book “A Cook’s Tour” and it was great for a while, when he was really talking about the food and the travel elements of the story but by the time he got to the end 1/5 it descended into this self indulgent, performative love-in between him and all his colleagues where he described that it was ok for Gordon Ramsay to be a complete asshole because he’s so talented and that Jamie Oliver isn’t mature enough to warrant critical acclaim and everything was completely predictable because he spoke like a typical territorial, frightened straight man.

SO – what a delightful surprise that his dinner party list is so interesting. Anthony Bourdain – congratulations for not sucking. [source]

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