Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin did appear on Saturday Night Live and it was successful entirely because she just showed up. Nothing else. She benefits from this because was just open to being the target of some essentially good natured satire and that is enough to make her more endeared to the American people.

The trouble with this for me is that I watched it and liked her but I like her because I’m a sucker for those hilarious TV specials where people turn up from other people’s shows and it’s like all these different universes collide in a moment of universal understanding. Farrah Fawcett walking into the Brady Bunch’s home because her car breaks down and everyone gets along. Although, the whole thing is sort of inane because Farrah Fawcett is still a celebrity but the Brady Bunch are still in character. Sort of like when Kath and Kim presented awards at the Logie Awards in Australia and Shawn Micaleff was the host and the first thing he did was ask them what they were doing there. Still, it’s a great metaphor for tolerance, collaboration and acceptable.

Apart from that fact that it’s likely that all the actors who appeared on SNL in relation to Palin will not be voting for her and they were the ones who created the television environment within which she was able to succeed, it seems unlikely that anyone from the Democratic ticket would be able to come back with anything that could match this effort from the GOP. Unless it was a walk on spot on 30 Rock for Joe Biden where he played himself. There would be too many meta narratives with that though and because it’s not live he’d be criticized for spending too much time trying to out do Palin and work on his image.

Ultimately though, Palin wins because of this. She got to do her high ranking wink and ridiculous forced optimist grin only this time she did it while left leaning elitists parodied her on a blandly appealing show. How could she not be loved more by people who require nothing more than an ephemeral sense of warmth in their groin from the person they are electing to office.

Also, kudos to Amy Poehler for basically just doing anything. She’s like 50 months pregnant and rapping flawlessly as Palin on TV.

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