Monday, October 06, 2008

Speaking of oblivious navel gazing Americans, the New York Post has run a blind item today:

WHICH boy-band member is going to shock his female fans when he comes out of the closet?

Ok, it’s Jonathan Knight from NKOTB. We all knew that straight up, right? But you know, my question here, even before we begin, is what female fans are really shocked at this point that men who get involved with boy bands turn out gay? I mean, sure there are a couple of them that aren’t gay like Danny Wood from New Kids on the Block who looks about as close to the archetype of a socially inept and violent bricklayer with faux connections to the Long Island mafia but I mean, Jesus, the whole thing is so exploitative of the fag hag dynamic.

Where else but a contingent of dancing gay men are you going to find people who look like they moisturize regularly, dress with a belt and shoes that match and come across as equal parts sexual, non threatening and available to 15 year old girls with next to no real understanding of their own burgeoning sexuality.

Plus, clearly it’s Jonathan Knight. Is there any real question about that? I think the shock among female fans only comes when the fans are women in their twenties. The reason they get shocked is because they’d have to be emotionally stunted to be pining after a pop star as if he was going to date them and so being in denial about the screamingly obvious falls in line with that. I mean, Clay Aiken for fuck’s sake. Plus, it’s Jonathan Knight for no other reason than when the New Kids went on The View and spoke with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, four of the five guys were able to talk about how they got married and had kids during the band’s time off and Jonathan just skipped the question. In fact, Hasselbeck went down the line of guys and skipped him physically. Plus, Perez Hilton reported it a month ago.

I’m less interested in Jonathan Knight’s sexuality and more interested in what social dynamic fosters women in their mid twenties and older to behave like 15 year olds. [source]

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