Friday, October 03, 2008

Here’s a video is of Cohen’s character, Bruno, at a fashion show in Europe trying to hand a model a note. See, here’s what I mean about Bruno. It’s the same old thing. It’s amazing how someone so aggressively subversive and so capable of sinking deep into a character and really seriously maintaining it can end up being slightly one-note. Still, yes, we haven’t seen the movie yet but it’s bound to be a series of sketches where he manages to convince people that he’s for real and as a result he captures them at their most honest and real and embarrassing. Then it’s funny for us because as well as seeing the sheer horror of how delusional and or oblivious other people are we get the reassurance that we aren’t that bad and can go back to our factory assembly lives.


I really think that the work of Sacha Baron Cohen is along the same lineage as Mr Bean and I never understood why Mr Bean was funny in the end. That’s what all this is about. I found him exhausting. I do love Rowan Atkinson but this kind of humiliation based physical comedy stuff that drags on is often tired.

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