Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Here’s a blind item that is entirely soul warming to mull over:

This young heartthrob actor has many female admirers but he pays a high price for his good looks. He works out maniacally in the gym but can’t control his eating. He loves to eat in burger joints and in the fanciest restaurants so he’s cultivated a bad case of bulemia [sic]. But of course there are drawbacks. It’s destructive to his teeth and his breath isn’t exactly kissing sweet and his current relationship is suffering. But his body looks fantastic.

Who are they talking about? Everyone on thinks it is Zac Efron and I like to think it is. After all, the difference between images like the one above and this information is so great that it’s almost like he could be a gay icon if he were a woman and 60. This is a great blind item too because it really brings together all the elements of what people get themselves immersed in in Hollywood so they can be everything the American movie going public demands.

He’s mad about working out because that makes his body enjoyable to look at but the crippling emotional need that boils beneath the surface – the highly unmarketable emotional darkness – works against that. Rather than confront it, it gets left un-examined and the star simply shovels food into his face to numb away the pain of realizing he’s just like everyone else. Still, it’s more important that he looks good than feels good. As long as he smiles and looks taut, it’ll be ok.

It’s also amazing to me that the relationship suffers. I guess it’s understandable that if zac Efron is too busy throwing up, working out and doing his hair he’s not attending to the publicity need of his contractual beard/wife. That hurts her career. God, he’s so fucking selfish.

Poor Zac Efron. He’s completely alone and totally ruined. In an emotional sense. Physically he looks great though so that’s something. [source]

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Anonymous said...

I always felt Mr Efron had a troubled spirit. He never seems at ease with his sucess. sad