Thursday, October 23, 2008

It’s business as usual 12 days before the election with the Daily News reporting that Sarah Palin doesn’t know who Oliver Stone is so if nothing else at least we have continuity.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was bewildered at her "Saturday Night Live" rehearsal when Stone heckled his "W." star, Josh Brolin, during the opening monologue. "Who's that?" Palin whispered to someone. Told it was Stone, she asked, "Who's he?"

Isn’t that lovely? I know I’m not looking around the room to see if there are cameras filming everyone because this is really just Ashton Kutcher’s way of getting everyone back for not taking him seriously as an actor.

However, while I thought the US was the only country in the world that would tolerate extreme hypocrisy and self negating politics during an election, imagine how much of a relief it was for me when I found out that Stefan Petzner (there he is above in what could easily have been his profile shot), the successor to Austria’s far-right leader Jörg Haider was dismissed yesterday after he revealed a “special” relationship “far beyond” friendship with his former mentor, the UK’s Times reports.

So, the basic, completely unsurprising rundown is this: 52 year old married Jorg Haider who was in a relationship with 27 year old Stefan Petzner, they headed up a political party that endorses anti-immigration, anti-European Union and hard core “traditional family values”. The two got in a fight at a book launch, Haider drove off, went to a gay club and drank copious amounts of alcohol with a bunch of male hookers and then crashed his car, killing himself. 27 year old Petzner was then installed as the party’s leader because that’s what it takes to lead a political party that is so clearly capable of holding dear values that are so clearly applicable to its member’s day to day lives. You just need to be fucking the boss and you get to run the party.
The party became outraged by interviews Petzner gave where he talked about his love for Haider and they dismissed him as leader.

What a relief that America isn’t the only place where an almost comically self righteous conservative whose values offer no real insight into their actual life can become a political figure. Here I was thinking America was the laughing stock of the world. How ridiculous of me. [source] [source]

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