Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lady Gaga - Poker Face from Guido Antinao on Vimeo.

Here’s the new music video for Lady Gaga’s single “Poker Face”. I feel like I’ve been dealing with Gaga for like a year now in the periphery of my mind. We ended up getting some connection to her through the radio show I do and have been playing her music for months, then she played at Daniel Nardicio’s birthday on Fire Island (for some reason I was going to say “wedding” but that wouldn’t have been right) where I met her and talked to her for a bit about Warhol. I told her it took me three listens before I got her original single “Just Dance” and she came back after half an hour and said, “Wait, three listens? Tell me the truth, I just want to hear the truth.”. I actually just meant I only realized the song was about getting drunk.

For a while, I was under the impression that her new album “The Fame” was going to drop on October 8 but now there are signs up all over Manhattan saying it’s now Oct 28. October 8 seemed like it was the party line.

I’ve read several interviews with Gaga and I’ve decided that while I totally get the music due in no small part, I’ll assume, to the fact that it’s produced to within an inch of its life and has been built to be unavoidable, I don’t get this glam hipster android character she’s invented. Britney was a Republican reluctant whore, Pink and Avril Lavigne were the anti-Spears, Aguilera based most of what she did on her voice actually and then morphed into different characters. They were all clear to me. It’s unclear to me what Gaga is meant to be.

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