Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lauren Conrad….…there I go again, writing her name, what a disappointing experience…has a fashion line and it’s failing. What a surprise. No one wants to buy it, reports Page Six. They report:

"Kitson in Los Angeles has 12 bins of Lauren Conrad clothing sitting in the warehouse" which the store couldn't sell "even after a buy-one, get-one-free offer." Conrad's rep blames the overstock on a complete sell-out of the line and re-ordering of merchandise. Bloomingdale's had no comment.

Based on the fact that he or she is paid by Lauren Conrad, its understandable that her rep would blame an overstock but I would warrant a guess that Conrad’s lack of notable talent, her generic personality, the arbitrary way in which she was dragged up from being just another spoilt, self absorbed airhead daughter of a Republican who lives in LA to making her into the human focal point of an entire demographic who barely know how to wash themselves could have something to do with her failure to create fashion that is both genuinely worthy of being stocked in elite department stores around the country and that inspires people to actually purchase it.

For some reason I see a synthesis between Lauren Conrad and Sarah Palin. It could be because the debate is tonight and I get overwhelmed. This is similar to when I was really involved with The Tudors and suddenly I could see parallels between The Tudors and everything else. I wasn’t wrong in either situation but it is worth noting.

It’s disturbing me because Sarah Palin is the answer to the question “How much more cynical can we be after George Bush and is it possible to ruin the country even more as a result of American naïve narcissism?” [source]

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