Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz is taking a leaf out of Pink’s book and is talking about things that don’t really mean anything but still hint at edginess. I’m Not Obsessed reports that Wentz decided to talk about psychiatric medication and tattoos, presumably because he has something to sell. There’s very little other reason he’d be specifically clamoring for attention right now – I mean, apart from the fact that he’s probably plagued with a certain soul crushing narcissism.

Two golden quotes:

"I think that medication has helped me at times in my life. I’ve needed to be on medication, it’s saved my life. But it’s definitely an over-medicated generation. Rather than having any kinds of conversations with anyone to solve our problems, we go and see what pill we can take to make it all go away."

Fair enough but what do you WANT, Pete Wentz? These comments don’t come out of thin air. There’s something you WANT, isn’t there?

Then, on the topic of his potential as a politician:

"I could never pursue a career in politics. I’ve been involved in far too many scandals. "My mom says ‘You have too many tattoos’. Yeah, too many scandals and too many tattoos. "Isn’t that an irony, though, now that so many of our generation have tattoos?”

Great – ok, so thanks for letting us know that you’d never go into politics. That’s one thing off the list of things I wanted to know. I’ll put that on my list that includes information from Pink about how she’s not an alcoholic. Cool.

It seems like every time Pete Wentz says anything it’s somehow linked to how he’s really edgy and essentially dark. As though we’d forgotten. I mean, sure he’s franchised his personality out to within an inch of its life and sure his wife is pregnant but that doesn’t mean his flat ironed self has grown out of being an edgy bass player who doesn’t care what anyone thinks at all. I mean, he was on psychiatric medication for Christ’s sake. That’s got to count for something. [source]

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