Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rumours abounded months ago that Madonna and Guy Ritchie were divorcing but that it wouldn’t happen until after Madonna had finished her, at the time, pending tour. Now, it turns out, the couple are divorcing as soon as possible.

The general theme here is that Madonna seems to be slipping. Yesterday it was the fact that her moustache was evident even though she was at her own movie premiere, prior to that it was actual displays of likeable humanity with the self produced videos she made for Perez Hilton that showed her vacuuming up after a shoot. It became clear that the plan was to avoid divorce scrutiny until the tour had happened and it’s safe to assume that Madonna’s plans are, for the most part, carried out.

And yet, here we are.

Moustache, divorce rumour, funny videos, evident humanity.

This is really just one more example of how Madonna is increasingly not really in sync with who she thinks she is. Granted she’s never really put a foot wrong that ever resonated on a deep level for her but you can’t outsource substance forever and expect people not to notice.

I mean, I can even imagine that the divorce would be iron clad. In fact, its almost completely feasible that Madonna could go to New York, order her staff to get it sorted and she could return to London with the entire house re-arranged to retain no memory of Guy Ritchie, the divorce settlement could be complete and she could feasibly insist that no one ever mention him again.

In that sense, with that range of control, Madonna could quite easily become the new Joan Crawford. [source]

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