Thursday, October 23, 2008

E! online reports that not only was Lindsay Lohan fired from her 6 episode stint on “Ugly Betty” after filming only 4 episodes, she is also being cut out the episodes she already shot and it’s because she was apparently “more interested in just playing herself, and that doesn't work on a show like this with such heightened reality."

Page Six went into details about how Lindsay Lohan smoked incessantly the entire time she was on set, that she wouldn’t go on set until America Ferrera was there, that she and her entourage destroyed a trailer to the extent that it had to be repainted.

When you cut through the hype you end up with Lindsay Lohan acting like a freak and derailing everything and then getting fired for it. That much seems clear.

My favourite part of this is the way, after all the shit has been flung about by everyone involved, the final statements from the Ugly Betty rep and Lohan’s rep are as follows:

Ferrera's rep would only say, "America is grateful to have had her on the show and thinks everyone should tune in to see how great the episodes are."
Lohan's rep said, "Lindsay was scheduled for six episodes and is appearing in four but had a lovely time."

It’s always good to leave it nice at the end. No matter what. Smile through your surgery I always say. [source] [source]

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