Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Brooding, pseudo-rebel, Ashlee Simpson took to the web to put to rest a few rumours about her that were apparently flying around. Apparently she doesn’t get botox and she doesn’t sleep with a ton of teddy bears. Who knew and also, shit, thank Christ we now know that for sure. She doesn't sleep with Teddy Bears and she doesn't get botox regularly. Great.

Here’s the secret thing, I don’t really give a shit about whether it’s true or not and honestly can’t even remember what she was even denying when I read it two minutes ago. If I try to envision her the main thing I think of is a petulant and needy, fake LA girl who has to keep her voice hoarse so it sounds like she goes out a lot and gets crazy. The part of this that interests me is that on the weekend I was part of interviewing a makeup artist who makes people up to look like celebrities whose website is here. He told me that I could be made up to look like Ashlee Simpson (I'm assuming post-nose job) and that was something I was not expecting to hear. All of a sudden I hate her less. That’s how fickle I have become. Apparently I share a facial structure with Ashlee Simpson. All of a sudden. [source]

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