Monday, November 03, 2008

John McCain’s appearance on Saturday Night Live at the weekend achieved the second highest ratings in ten years for SNL. Part of the reason for that was the massive amount of self deprecation that came from John McCain and I have no idea why on earth he did that. Sarah Palin went on and didn’t really do much more than stand there while everyone else did everything around her. Barack Obama also went on and didn’t depart too much from his character as a politician; again, they just danced around him and the audience marveled at his cultural flexibility.

John McCain made jokes about how old he was, how repetitive the phrase “Maverick” is, and talked about several bad ideas he has. Clearly, it’s satire but next to Obama’s angle which is the enlightened, scholarly, angelic pillar of light he looked like a dancing barrel accompanied by a kazoo and as far as acting presidential it just doesn’t work.

Cindy McCain, however, looked exactly as she always does – primarily because she has paid a lot of money to make sure she will always look the same no matter what happens to her and as a result the she probably has a gay following. Cindy McCain is a fascinating woman and all the pieces fit perfectly to make her a rival to Liza Minnelli. She displayed those golden necklaces and actually that was a genuinely hilarious skit.

To be fair, McCain was a good sport for doing the material he did but who the hell cares if he is? He’s still 10 points behind in the polls and no one cares how politicians fair on SNL when it comes to the voting booth. I mean, people may have no other idea of who he is because they don’t pay attention but they will probably not be swayed by SNL. It doesn’t sound like it makes sense but it really is the way it is here. People are extremely complex.

This election is Obama’s. Everything screams Obama. [source]

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