Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Obama really is hard to lampoon in any significant way and after 8 years of easy to write quirky press about the inanity of George W Bush, it’ll be interesting to see how the media adapts. Particularly when it comes to people like Keith Olberman who have so much personal rage aimed at the Bush Administration that without that angry focal point, it seems like they might just end up having a complete breakdown because the childhood angst has nowhere to go.

That’s why it’s great that the New York Post has run a piece about how Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Judith Hellman, sent out a press release explaining the nature of the mole on Barack Obama’s nose and how she could help to remove it. Isn’t that great? Barack Obama has a mole on his nose, oh, sorry – it’s actually a melanocytic nevus - and if you have one too you know where to go to pay to have it removed.

Because now that he’s the first black president, he’s also essentially become a franchise by default. His likeness and anything about him can be and probably will be used to sell anything. That’s the way this is resonating. I mean, as well as well as him being the great beacon of light. I was going to say the great white hope and then I was going to say the great black hope but nothing works. There’s very little humour surrounding him because he’s not actually stupid or eccentric. Unless his lack of stupidity and eccentricity is what gets parodied. And his mole. [source]

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