Thursday, November 13, 2008

Page Six reports rumours (that are denied) that Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry is figuring out a way of getting Sarah Palin to appear as a character on the show that is just like the character she played when she ran for VP.

Considering that Marc Cherry is a gay Republican, it’s no surprise that Sarah Palin’s housewife-ish, MILF thug covert greedy materialist in expertly tailored clothing persona may potentially have resonated well with him. After all, that’s the whole idea with gay Republicans; they look like lovely, friendly, home making normalists but underneath the wallpaper is a whole lot of freakish hypocrisy.

Sarah Palin’s main selling point at the moment is in line with that kind of tension. She created her own brand of engaging tension by so obviously being one thing and performing another. There’s something fascinating about her whether it be her ability to be a sex object and a VP candidate, her social policies that were immediately proven ineffectual when you look at her family, her aggressive ambition to be elite and her condemnation of the elite as she constructed this idea that she was just a regular hockey mom. That kind of tension is perfect for TV drama.

My ex boyfriend Michael had an old boss who was a gay Republican that lives on Park Avenue with his Democrat boyfriend who used to be a monk and man, was he an asshole. I would sometimes just stare at him when he wasn’t looking to see if I could see the boiling self hate inside him and it fascinated me the same way my third grade teacher’s covert smoking habit fascinated me when I was 7. The Gay Republican punched me in the stomach at a party once because he was drunk and he could finally access his rage at being alive and confined to the box his parents crafted for him in Texas. I would always just smile and be gracious and I knew he hated me. I think he hated me because it made him feel more concretely Republican which was comforting. I would wear velvet and nail polish and had spikey hair and that kind of thing is an affront to manicured gardens and Park Avenue apartments. That said, the more I think about it, the more everyone is screwed up no matter what. He adopted a kid from China and I could barely be bothered to babysit one for two hours.

So, in short, even if it is just a rumour, Sarah Palin playing herself on Desperate Housewives where she actually does her lines with a little depth and self deprecating humour is both a strong answer to Palin’s narcissistic tendencies and it’s a gay Republican’s dream come true. [source]

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