Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tyra Banks has always had this uncanny ability to be the gutter dwelling lowest common denominator when it comes to what she creates for culture. She is like a mix of Oprah and Jerry Springer but with far more Jerry Springer than Oprah and I have always found her incessant, unironic demands for attention to actually be embarrassing to watch. I mean, I don’t watch – particularly after she started shrieking about her “fat ass”. Oh, GOD I don’t care Tyra.

So now according to Queerty, she’s giving away a sex change operation on her show to tranny model Isis from America’s Next Top Model which I guess constitutes some kind of first and for that reason we should all pay attention in the way I am right now. Or something like it.

Let’s hope they televise the entire thing in full make up. Actually, I hope Tyra manages to somehow insert herself into the surgery footage. She’ll sit there, brushing her hair back past her ear as they reassign Isis’ gender. Isis is out cold in Montreal and Tyra is sitting there doing her thing. Giving the people what they want. More Tyra. Obviously. [source]

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